Breaking up with fear – part two

FEAR can take ahold of us in sudden unexpected moments, when we start thinking on the ‘What ifs?’

Speculation is more than just what starts to run through our minds when our kids are late for curfew, your spouse doesn’t answer their cell phone, or you haven’t yet heard back about those test results.

Speculation is actually an enemy spirit whose job is to get you to take your focus off of God and send you a-spinning into imaginary situations.

F alse
E vidence
A ppearing
R eal

Because that pounding of your heart, rushing of your blood, and shallow breathing comes from agreeing (partnering, aligning) with that enemy spirit when that initial thought comes to mind, “What if?’

I recently heard a statement which strongly resonated within me as true.

“Enemy spirits are named after the method infliction or attack upon their target.” (Kris Vallotton, my paraphrase)

So if you are running circles in your mind speculating about what might be happening to your loved one, it’s time to take back control over your thoughts.

Tell speculation that you are done partnering with its thoughts, and you choose to trust God in this situation. Send speculation to the foot of the cross to be dealt with by Jesus, and invite Holy Spirit to usher peace, calm and trust within you where speculation had been roaming.

It’s time His kids start kicking fear in all its shapes and formats to the curb, and walking out our God given inheritance here on earth! (More to help you do just that coming the rest of this week.)

#sharingHope #breakingupwithfear #callitwhatitis

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