Breaking up with fear – part four

Fear has an unusual way of ensnaring us.

We can either become a captive or a prisoner when we give in to fear.

To become a captive, we believe a lie.

To become a prisoner, we hold back offering forgiveness to someone who has hurt us in some way.

In both ways, we end up separated from the freedom which awaits us on the other side of our situation. Which for many of us can feel like being locked in a room or behind bars, keeping us feeling far away from God, and often others.

Fear traps us and holds us right until we bring it into the Light.

F alse
E vidence
A ppearing
R eal

The truth is that when we come to God, and ask Him why we are feeling so fearful, He will reveal to you whether is because you are believing an enemy lie, or you have locked yourself up due to unforgiveness.

Believing a lie gives the enemy a foothold to keep you bound and not full who God wants you to be. The good news is once you name the lie & break off your agreement with it, it has to go. And in its place, God can release truth and new life.

We are often afraid that extending forgiveness means that there is no consequence for our offender. In His Kingdom, God is the only one who is supposed to judge. When we withhold forgiveness, we step into that place of judgment and end up judging ourselves.

Jesus said, “I am the Truth, the Way, and the Life.” And following Him means we have to follow His ways of doing things, which means offering forgiveness to those who harm us, even if they are our enemies, trusting that God will deal with the situation.

The good news is once you forgive the person you need to, God breaks you out of that prison, and releases freedom into YOUR life, breaking off the tie linking you in the present to the hurt from your past.

If you are afraid of something, ask God if you being held as a prisoner or captive. He will reveal which route you are to take to break free, and send that fear back to the pit where it belongs.

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