Taking care of yourself during the harder seasons

The other main lesson I have learned through seasons of brokenness is that I need to take care of myself despite whatever is going on.

Self care is not only important on a daily basis, but even more so when I am not functioning at 💯. It helps me remember that I matter regardless of current circumstances, and that as His temple, part of my job is to take care of His creation.

Here are a few things which I do almost daily to take care of myself.

1. Word up – spend time reading the Bible.

2. Wise up – spend time in prayer, listening for His wisdom & direction.

3. Worship up – listen to worship music which expresses my heart and reminds me of His heart & plans for me.

(Each of the previous 3 is a weapon God has given us to help us take care of ourselves in every way. Spiritual wellness is a key part of self care.)

4. Wrap up – get cozy with a blanket & jammies while reading a book or watching a comedy, even better if that happens after a relaxing bubble bath.

5. Walk it out – get moving every day, which helps my body process stress and reduce muscle tension.

6. Write it out – journalling how I feel, and lifting what I have written before God as a prayer helps me not carry things as tightly.

7. sleep Well – for me, I needed 7 hours for optimal thought function at work preCovid. I now need 8 hours each night before a shift to work at my best.

8. eat Well – making sure I eat my veggies, enough fibre, drink tons of water, and minimize my sugar & inflammatory food intake is a must for me, in part due to my food allergies, and in part due to wanting to age as healthily as possible.

9. Welcome downtime – whenever my daily to do list is done, it’s okay to just sit and be, without doing anything.

10. Welcome connection – every day, I connect with a family member or friend beyond the usual surface stuff. This helps me be able to take care of others as well as myself, and remind myself that we all have broken spaces we are dealing with. So taking care of me involves helping to take care of you too.

What would you add for your top 10 self care tips?

#takecareofyourself #selfcarefriday

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