Dealing with Deception

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I am currently rereading the Well Spring book series by @jameslrubart and I am amazed at how every time I do, God draws my attention to a ‘new’ area of truth to apply in my life.

There are three ways the enemy gains power in our lives, the first of which is Deception.

Making us believe a lie is enough to ensnare many of us in the enemy’s web, as it draws us away from the free life God has meant for us to live.

Imagine for a moment that you were told as a young teen that you were homely. Unattractive. Essentially invisible, with no trait worth any attention.

And you believe it.

How will you walk out your live? Vibrantly, using your full range of gifts the Father has equipped you with? Or will hiding your true self for fear of rejection become your new norm?

That very lie was spoken over me in a traumatic way in class by one of my closest friends, and embedded itself within me for several years before God shone His flashlight of truth upon it and set me free.

The enemy can speak through others or your own mind, friend, which is why taking every thought captive is essential for wholeness as a believer.

I am very thankful for writers like Frank Perretti & James L. Rubart who skillfully weave His truth into their fiction, and how my Abba has used such works to deliver me from deception and restore me in key areas within.

I AM lovely in His sight, for I am His beloved Bride, in whom He takes great delight.

Because God’s very name is I AM, the statements we speak over ourselves which start with I AM essentially direct us to walk in that path.

If you are unsure whether something said to you or a thought which comes to mind is true, bring it to Truth today, and ask God to make it clear whether this is a lie you have agreed with which is to be broken off, or a lie to capture like an arrow in battle and block it before it hits it’s target.

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