Taking authority over Accusation

The second way the enemy tries to gain power over us is through Accusation.

Except when the enemy is accusing us, we don’t usually come to our own defence. Have you noticed that too, friend? We tend to think the thoughts we are hearing, such as “You deserved that” or “God can never forgive you for this,” are our own.

When we are accused, and agree with the accusation, we align ourselves with a lie in a different way than deception. We take our eyes off of the cross and put them onto our sin, and in so doing, become so entangled in accusations that we can stop asking for clarification from the only one with the authority to free us, God.

The next time you hear an accusation run through your mind, take authority in the name of Jesus over it. Name it as an enemy thought, and bring it into the light of His Presence. For when we have asked for forgiveness for our wrongs, the sin is separated from us once and for all, and removed from us as far as the east is from the west – forever!

The enemy knows that we are very human, and so tries to use accusation to undermine the forgiveness we have in Christ. For if he can make us feel guilty or ashamed for a sin we are already forgiven of, he ensnares us into the lie that we are permanently marked by our past sin, from which we will never be made clean. Often, for the very sin God has already washed away and replaced with His white robes of righteousness and inheritance when we bring it to Him! The enemy plays off our fear of being abandoned and turns our thoughts away from His ways & how He sees us.

It’s time to take Accusation by its tongue and proclaim your Jesus given authority over it each and every time it tries to speak its forked lies of entanglement. The truth is that you are His, He is always with you & He is more than enough to help you break off any accusation at any time!! Make your stand as you hold His hand, friend!

#FalseEvidenceAppearingReal #breakingupwithaccusation #sharingHope

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