Seeing through Illusion

The third way the enemy gains power over us is through Illusion.

Illusion causes lies to appear like truth, and vice versa in enemy hands. And unless we are intentionally listening for Holy Spirit to shine the truth on everything around us, we can swallow illusion and the poison it unleashes within us.

For illusion is a tool the enemy uses to shake the foundation of who we really are in Christ.

Loved beyond measure.
Adopted into His family.
Washed clean.
Equipped for all we are purposed for.
Friend of God.
Apple of His eye.
Accepted for who we are, not for what we do.

When the whispers start up that God won’t want you any more because of x, or that His love for you is based upon your performance, grab hold of them and bring them to the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit. Align them against His Word. And wait for God to reveal the illusion, and how to take it down.

Sometimes we take it down through declaring who God is, other times by declaring who we are as His heirs. We use the Word out loud, spoken or in song, as He guides us in the moment of combat.

For illusion cannot continue its poisonous ways when it is brought out into the Light, and it is measured against truth.

Friends, as the days stuck at home for many of us drag on, and weariness of spirit beckons, we need to amp up our diligence in taking every thought captive. Whether it’s a blatant lie, a subtle accusation, or a shiny illusion – it cannot stand when faced with our God at our side.

The enemy may make you think it is always in control, or that you need to take back your control. The truth is the opposite, in fact. God alone is in control 24/7, 365 days a year, into eternity. When we surrender to His ways, His duration and offer Him our obedience, the enemy loses its hold on those who step into their calling and purpose in His Kingdom.

Wrap up of this week’s chats coming tomorrow. Hope you will pop in and join me again, friend.

#falseevidenceappearingreal #chattinfboutillusion #sharingHope

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