Prayer points

Prayer. Our greatest connection point with God after the Word & worship, and one which can come with a lot of pressure and mixed messages.

When I take a closer look at how Jesus prayed, I see how He

🙏committed to relationship with His Father, who

🙏covered His life in prayer, and

🙏continued to follow Holy Spirit’s leadings.

No matter what.


➡️I can commit to deepening my relationship with my Father.

➡️I can cover my life, minutes & moments, with prayer throughout my day.

➡️I can continue to follow Holy Spirit’s prompts and direction.

And I can do ALL these things through Christ who strengthens me. Which increases my trust and desire to step out in faith even when I am overwhelmed by a given situation or feeling isolated and alone.

So I will continue to commit to cover this life You have given me in prayer, and push in to deepen our connection, no matter what. For that is what You did, Jesus, and I can rely on You to walk me through all things.

➡️so I will commit to continue to cover my life in 🙏prayer.

🙏Without ceasing.
🙏About everything.

#prayermatters #sharingHope

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