Learning the blessing in a ‘no’

There are times of late where I have been learning the value in saying no. It is a word I have difficulty using, especially related to work.

But as my Father likes to remind me, no can be a good word. When I say no to something, it frees me to say yes to something else for which I am better suited to use my time, my talents, my gifts.

Because I now work both onsite and at home, my no has been blurrier than I would like it to be, especially when I take my mind off of living in the present and head off into thinking big picture.

I am blessed to still have adult children at home whom I adore, and love to spend time with. One of the blessings in saying no is to enjoy more time with them while I am able to do so.

As I walk through some health issues, both my own & some in the family, saying no not only frees up more time, but reduces my stress as we face some procedures, and recovery time. (No cancer in the mix, just other aging and injury related stuff!)

When I pray about something, and get the sense God is saying no, I have a better grasp of the blessing in no from this new place of trust He is building within me.

It can be painful to both say and receive a no, but I know He is with me and that makes all the difference in the harder days.

#sharingHope #livepresent

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