Whatever may come

On the days, like yesterday, when the unexpected happens, I choose to hold on to His Word, and proclaim it as true, even if I can’t yet see its fruit.

Isaiah has many verses which reassure me He is holding all things together while He is holding on to me. 4 of my faves are:

🌿Isaiah 40:11
🌿Isaiah 41:10
🌿Isaiah 46:4
🌿Isaiah 63:9

This morning as I was driving into work, I was especially struck by the final lyrics of the song, Whatever May Come by Jeremy & Adrienne Camp.

🎵”Whatever may come,
You will hold me.”

🙏Lift my faith to be able to claim that truth, knowing that You hold me tight, day & night, all the days of my life. Even the harder ones.

#sharingHope #beHeld

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