You Hold Me Now

The Psalms is one of my go-to comfort books of the Bible, and I am so grateful for the reality of life, displays of faith, and sheer honesty it contains.

But even more, how God reassures me of His Presence in the pain, His love in the losses, and most of all? His holding me in the hard times, especially in these 4 verses:

🌿Psalm 16:11
🌿Psalm 91:11-12
🌿Psalm 139:10

There will come a day when all pain, sorrow, grief, loss and tears will be no more, as we are welcomed forever into Your embrace.

🙏Hold me now, Lord, as I long for that day in this season of mess and longing.

🎵”YOU HOLD ME NOW” by Hillsong Worship

#sharingHope #beHeld

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