Steadied & held

There are moments when I feel unsteady on my feet, both physically & emotionally.

Maybe you can relate.

And in those sudden moments of instability, God steadies me and reminds me that He is still holding me, regardless of what my circumstances suggest or how my feelings direct.

📖These 3 verses uplift my spirit as they steady my mind, calm my emotions, and stabilize my centre.

🌿Deuteronomy 1:31
🌿John 10:29
🌿Colossians 1:17

🎵I love how worship leader Kathryn Scott expresses how we are held by God in “STEADIED AND HELD.”

🙏Holy Spirit, would You speak louder than my inner cries or the voices coming at me when I am feeling unsteady? Reassure me that I am still held firm in Your loving hands, and steady my shaky knees and feebleness as I stand upon You as my solid foundation.


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