Talking with God today

🙏Father, thank You for always being a prayer away for me to talk to, any time of night or day. You are the one constant in this life, and I am so grateful for the sense I get that I am bring held on to so safely & tightly when the storms hit in my life.

🫂Jesus, thank You for walking beside me closer than my next breath. That You will never cease to advocate and battle for me whenever I need it, and that You always remain in control as You reign.

🕊️Holy Spirit, thank You for praying my prayer for me when I only have moans & groans in my lowest of lows. Continue to guide me as I listen for Your still small but oh so precious to me voice.

🌿May I ever tune in to Your Words, follow Your ways as You lead me, and walk in Your love, God, as I behold You more and more along the way.

#sharingHope #beHeld

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