Out of my hands – Part B

There is something about prayer that is rather miraculous, if we take a moment to ponder it.

There is an exchange which occurs when we bring what is on our hearts to God. Not only does He hear us, He responds.

I often have a sense of peace which surpasses my understanding after I bring a load of my worries and concerns to God.

He gives us peace when He takes on our load.

This also happens to me while I am worshipping. The breakthrough of peace and knowing God has heard me happens when I press in and let go of what I have been tightly holding onto.

The second part of the song I shared yesterday echoes many of the Psalms of old. They lay it all out before God, and then are able to praise, give thanks and walk in peace.

Despite our circumstance, we can do the same when we release what we are gripping into the grip of the One best suited to walk along side us and guide us safely through it.

“Take this out of my hands. Take this out of my hands. Take this out of my hands.

It’s out of my hands.

There ain’t nothing that You can’t handle God, You are strong enough. Only You can take this out of my hands, out of my hands You’re greater than all my sorrows, worthy of all my trust. Thank You, Lord, that this is out of my hands, out of my hands!”

OUT OF MY HANDS by Jeremy Camp


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