MIRIAM. With a name meaning “bitterness,” Miriam has taught me that not dealing with our emotions can cause a train wreck of epic proportions in our lives.

We first meet Miriam in Exodus 15, in the story of her youngest brother, Moses, when her mother assigns her watch duty over him as they “hide” him in a waterproof boat in the Nile. Miriam was obviously quick thinking, for when an Egyptian princess pulled him out of the water, Miriam offered to find a wet nurse for the child, aka. his very mother!

That whole scenario, watching her brother grow up in the lap of luxury obviously left a bitter root deep within Miriam, ministering as a prophetess and singer amongst her people, yet still a slave.
Somehow Miriam felt overlooked despite her giftedness. Yet that bitter root didn’t show up until much later in her story. She and Moses sang one of the most beloved songs in Israel as they left Egypt. Her brother Aaron was Moses’ right hand, and instead of focusing on being part of His plan for redeeming her people? Miriam allowed that bitter root to become full blown jealousy and spurred Aaron on to rebel against Moses while he was up on Mount Sinai receiving the 10 Commandments for their people. Her rebellion not only cost Israel thousands of lives, but God’s displeasure and the most embarrassing visible sign of that displeasure – leprosy. (Numbers 12:12)

Leprosy would have immediately caused her to be an outcast, and have a lot of time on her hands to face the consequences of what she had done.

After a week, when Moses and Aaron prayed to God on her behalf, God healed and restored her body. What we don’t see is Miriam returning to ministry after this life altering incident.

How many times have I held on to a real or perceived offence due to jealousy, and caused myself inner harm as I strained a relationship? Miriam reminds me that a bitter root left unchecked can derail me from what God has for me, and to take every thought captive as soon as I can!

#SheBelongs #sharingHope #hopefortheharddays

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