ABIGAIL. With a name meaning “source of joy,” Abigail’s story is a reminder of the importance of doing the right thing at the right time.

We first meet Abigail, the wife of Nabal in I Samuel 25. David and his band of outcasts are on the run from King Saul. David comes across some shepherds he has protected in the past and he sends a blessing, a reminder and a request via messenger to their master, Nabal, a miserable yet very wealthy land owner.

Nabal insults them in his response. And so enrages David that he and 400 of his men prepare to attack Nabal in response.

One very wise servant goes to Abigail, and informs her of the now dangerous situation.

In verse 18, Abigail raids her stock room, and sends out food supplies ahead of her as she prepares to meet David and his men.

Not only apparently was Abigail wealthy, but she is described as intelligent and beautiful. I would add brave to that list as well!

Without telling her husband what she is doing, Abigail humbles herself before David, asks for forgiveness for Nabal’s offense, apologizes for not responding sooner and speaks blessing over David and his men.

Her quick action spared the lives of everyone who lived in her household, and yet Nabal was unaware of this fact until the next morning. For her husband was busy getting drunk, partying like nothing had happened.

Abigail wisely waited to inform him of what she had done until the next morning. Nothing like hearing you could have died due to your foolishness to sober you up, but in Nabal’s case, it appears he had a serious heart attack or stroke, went into a coma and passed away 10 days later.

When David heard Nabal had passed away, he sent for Abigail and asked her to marry him. Likely a strategic move due to needing financial backing, but I like to think Abigail captured his thoughts with her bravery, not only her beauty & money. She married David, and gave birth to his second born son, Chileab (also known as Daniel).

Had Abigail not heeded the prompting to intervene, this source of joy would likely have been slaughtered due to Nabal’s foolishness.

May we too like Abigail step up when God prompts us to act!

#SheBelongs #sharingHope

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