RAHAB. With a name meaning ‘spacious,’ her story reminds me that God can bring anyone into His story!

We first meet Rahab at the inn she is running in Jericho, which explains why we would see two visitors to town check in. It is likely she either ran a brothel out of the inn or offered her services on the side as a prostitute. Usually these places are not in the best areas of town.

Either way, the two Jewish spies in Joshua 2 impacted Rahab, when she decided to help them hide from the authorities.

What is clear – although she is not an Israelite, she had become a God fearing woman as she heard the stories about Israel conquering their promised land, and knows in her heart that God & His people will be victorious in taking her city.

God knew she was the one to save his spies, and in return the y make an arrangement to rescue her and those in her Inn if she hangs a red cord from one of her windows.

That red cord ended up saving her section of the city from bring destroyed! What a miracle Rahab gets to experience first hand as she puts her faith in God!

Rahab not only survives the fall of Jericho, she ends up marrying an Israelite named Salmon, and becoming the mother of Boaz… and part of the lineage of King David!

Rahab reminds me that when I come to God, He can take the ugly ashes of my history and shape something beautiful of me despite them, as He weaves me into His wonderful story of redemption! Just as He brought Rahab out of the inn into a new spacious place of freedom!

#SheBelongs #sharingHope #hopefortheharddays

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