ELIZABETH. With a name meaning ‘God is my abundance,’ Elizabeth reminds me that trusting in the Lord never goes to waste.

We meet Elizabeth in Luke 1, where we are told not only is she the wife of a priest named Zechariah, she is also the cousin of Mary, engaged to Joseph.

By all accounts, Elizabeth and Zechariah are devoted to one another & God. Yet they did not have children during the usual time frame, and so were growing older together, just the two of them.

Zechariah gets chosen (a huge honor as a priest) to enter the Holy of Holiest to minister to the Lord, and when he does? He sees an angel who delivers unexpected news – not only will Elizabeth become pregnant, but they can expect to have a son!
Not only a son, but one who will be filled with Holy Spirit and be a prophet who will turn people’s hearts back to God. And one to be named John.

Zechariah questions the angel about how this could be, and is struck dumb until the prophetic word could come to pass. It was quite the shocker to the other priests and their community when Zechariah came out of the temple unable to speak!

Elizabeth became pregnant, as the angel said, and secluded herself for 5 months at home. (If I was her, I would not only be savoring this unexpected gift of a pregnancy, but concerned about staying pregnant as an older woman, and not being talked about while out in town.)

The next part of Elizabeth’s story is hinted at by the arm in today’s graphic, but more on that story tomorrow!

Elizabeth delivered a son! He was named John as directed by the angel despite the interference of those at his naming ceremony, at Elizabeth’s insistence. Immediately after, Zechariah’s voice returned, and he publically praised God & prophesied over John! (What joyful words were likely exchanged between Elizabeth & Zechariah after so many months, at least 9, of his silence! No more writing to communicate.)

Elizabeth’s story reminds me that staying true to my faith, even when things don’t go as I would have planned them to, can result in blessings beyond my understanding!

#SheBelongs #sharingHope

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