MARY MAGDALENE. With the name Magdalene referring to not only her hometown but meaning ‘tower,’ Mary reminds me that our past may try to tower over us, but as His beloved (the meaning of Mary) God will take us along new paths we could never dream of!

What is most notable about this Mary is that Jesus delivered her of 7 demonic spirits.  She is not mentioned as having been possessed by them, so we can know that like many of us, her background likely had her agreeing with enemy lies and being heavily influenced by them until Jesus sets her free. There is no confirmation in the Bible that she was a loose woman, but we can see she was a hurting one who encountered Jesus wanting to be set free. We also don’t hear about any family, so no wonder why she might want to follow the One who the spirits obey and learn more about Him!

Mary Magdalene ends up joining the group of women who travelled alongside Jesus and his disciples, serving them as Jesus travelled ministering around Israel.

What stands out to me the most about her? Jesus reveals Himself first to her on Easter morning when He rose up from the grave! Not one of his male disciples, but one who has faithfully been one of His followers. One who sobbed alongside His mother as He died on the cross, and likely cried & grieved as she with a few others went to help properly prepare His quickly buried body in the tomb. One of the few who the angel informed Jesus had risen as He had said He would.

I think He revealed Himself to her coz He knew she would spread the Good News without hesitation, because of her great devotion to Him. Even though the disciples didn’t believe her as she passed on His message, she not only believed Him, she was obedient to do as He asked of her. The first bringer of Good News after His resurrection!

Mary was also one of those waiting on Pentecost when Holy Spirit fell on them in power. I can only imagine how she continued to share about Jesus to anyone who would listen!

Mary Magdalene reminds me we can continue to draw close to Jesus for our healing and restoration, and follow wherever He leads, knowing He has defeated death and will be at our side, always!

#SheBelongs #sharingHope

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