She Belongs, and so do you & I

As I look back on the stories of the women in the Bible I have been reading over the past month, two main thoughts jumped out at me.

The first – that there was an aspect I could relate to in each and every story. For we are all descended from Eve, and as she was shaped from His image, it makes sense that I can connect with their stories.

The second was how God didn’t change throughout them all. He showed kindness, grace, and love regardless of race, background, sex, sickness or sin pattern.

My story and yours matter, friend. Not so much because of what we lack, but Who we have with us, always in our corner, always with our best on His mind, always reaching out to us.

One place I feel the most me is beside water, whether a small creek, a pond, lake, waterfall or ocean. Each speaks peace to me, despite the different flows of their waters.

Just as God speaks what we need to hear in each moment we turn to listen to His voice, so He did for each woman of the Bible we studied together.And He will continue to do for each genuine heart that comes before Him.

Because His character doesn’t change, we can take Him at His Word and believe better things are up ahead.

Your story and mine? They both matter, because they too can be filled with encounters with the Living God.

God purposefully intermingled many women of different backgrounds into His Word, reminding each of us that there is space for both you and I in His story, because that is who He is – wonderful, expressive and loving.

May we too accept that as His daughters, we are welcomed into His story, forevermore!

#SheBelongs #sharingHooe

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