Anchor – a poem by Erin Blackwell

“When storms of life toss your boat about, the safest action is to thrown the anchor out.

But where it lands is what matters most, for mightily it will cling to its host.

Does your anchor cling to your emotions? Does it cling to chaos and commotion?

For these will not keep your boat in place. Shipwrecked is what you’ll be bound to face.

But throw your anchor to the depths below where the Rock of Ages is your friend not foe.

His strength will keep your anchor from breaking free, His power is stronger than the storms you see.

My faith is set in this mighty stone. Yes, for I am anchored in Christ alone.”

Poem by Erin Blackwell

#sharingHooe #hopefortheharddays #myanchor⚓️

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