Would You anchor me? #honestprayer

God, the way each day seems to be swelling with high tides of stress and ebbing away into low pressure systems of exhaustion has left me drained – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually – and nauseous with arrival of each new storm front.

Would You:
⚓Anchor me in the truth of Who You are – my sure, solid foundation, never changing?
⚓Anchor me in the reality of Your love – the refuge, fortress of protection I find within Your arms?
⚓Anchor me in the promises of my future which You have for me – a future filled with hope, beauty for ashes, sweet instead of bitter, eternally with You?

The more I focus my eyes on the storms and seasons, the more off kilter I feel.

Help me:
⚓To anchor myself on You.
⚓To look to You as my one constant.
⚓To pray for direction as soon as I feel the sway of hopelessness, the waves of despair or the winds of change.
⚓To trust that even when I cannot see what this ahead, that You are steering me towards solid ground as You hold me tight, and speak peace into all the places deep within which are shaking with fear.

Be my anchor, forever, God.
I pray in Jesus’ Name, anchored as a child of the One true God and eternal King, and empowered by Holy Spirit. Let it be so, God. Amen.

#sharingHope #hopefortheharddays #honestprayers #myanchor⚓

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