Relax in the trust fall

“Relax, everything’s going to be all right…” (Jude 1:2 MSG)

So much of trust is tied up in rest, isn’t it friend?

We go to sleep trusting we will wake. We breathe in and out, trusting for that next breath. We pray, trusting God will work things out.

What I have been learning is to relax in the present moment, even when I haven’t yet seen how God is working x into something good.

Because faith is a trust fall into the arms of the One most able to catch us when we do so. And I need to relax as I fall, letting go of the tension and frustration, the worry and the what ifs.

Because I can take Him at His Word, and claim His promises – even as I am in fall mode.

Who’s gonna join me?

#relax #Hesgotthis #sharingHope

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