It’s time to rest, friend.

“…rest, everything’s coming together;” (Jude 1:2 MSG)

After we relax in His strength (yesterday’s post in a nutshell) it is time for something that most of us have even more trouble with than relaxing, if we are honest.

It’s time to rest.

But not an inactive rest, but an active one.

Resting in His Promises is an active expression of our trust in Him, as we put our faith into literal action.

By resting in Him, we choose to believe His promises that good is ahead, because we are not only letting the physical tension go as we relax, but we are allowing our minds to move past relaxation into rest.

Rest is where our soul can become refreshed, as we choose to walk in faith at the deepest level.

Resting in Him is a discipline which we will grow in as we continue to put our faith into practice.

Because His promises are for us to have a good future, that beauty will arise from the ashes, and the bitter will be turned into sweet.

So we can rest in His Promises, knowing He is holding all things together, but especially you and I.

What verse speaks the most to you about resting in Him?

#restinHim #sharingHope

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