Love is on the way…

“…open your hearts, love is on the way.” (Jude 1:2 MSG)

As we relax & rest in Him by trusting & claiming His Promises, we make a pathway for God to move in – within us.

Trust and belief are powerful change activators, aren’t they?
But the greatest & most powerful is the very One we are focusing upon, God.

When we open our hearts to Him through trust, actively putting our faith into action, we make space for Him within, so His love can actively & thoroughly displace the fear, worry, exhaustion and anxiety He longs to replace.

For His love is the motivator behind all He has done, does and will do for His people!

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of trying to do things in my own strength, and weary of my efforts trying to tame my emotions my way.

Trusting who He is (relax) helps me to claim His promises (rest) which makes way for His love to come to my rescue (as I open my heart to Him.)

All this wisdom found in unpacking one bible verse! Thank You, God.

#Loveisontheway #sharingHope

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