Clinging to My anchor through this storm

The past month has been an especially rough one for me.

Maybe you can relate.

As the water continues to trickle into our basement. As friends continue to come down with Covid-19 or other serious health conditions. As money is tighter than usual for most of us. As the isolation of this season threatens to overwhelm me, like so many of us right now.

I continue to hold on for dear life to the One constant in my life, God. My anchor through this stormy season.

⚓Abba who wraps me in His ever present love, and keeps me safe in the refuge of His Presence.

⚓Jesus who continues to walk alongside me and strengthen me.

⚓Holy Spirit who whispers truth, comfort and direction at every step ahead of me.

Together they reassure me that I am never alone, and God’s plans for me will come to pass despite the fog and heaviness of this season.

For I follow the God who both can silence the storms with a single word, or stand beside me as I find myself in the fire.

So I keep reading His Word. Singjng His praise. Claiming His promises. Trusting His plan. Resting in His love. Crying out when I feel overwhelmed. Welcoming His peace. Choosing His ways over my own.

Knowing that He is with me, for me, beside me, in me and battling for me every step of the way, every moment of the day.


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