When a mistake leaves you feeling off kilter

This photo I found somewhere speaks to me, especially today. I forgot to bring my daughter with me to work this morning for her physio visit. 😅😳🤭 Epic mom fail, for the first time ever! (Forgetting her today, done plenty of other fails over the years!)

Some days we get up and the world appears to be out of sorts, or things seem to be upside down, don’t they?

The good news is God offers fresh grace to each of us every brand new day.

I called and apologized as she was walking here, as she was the one I offended.

So now I ask You God to forgive me for my thoughtlessness. Help me to be more aware of the needs of the others around me. Restore my focus, upright my perspective and keep me on even keel for the rest of the day! And if I can get an overflow of mercy and grace to help let go and move forward without beating myself up for my mistake, I would deeply appreciate it!

Can I get a 💙 from my fellow moms who’ve been there?

#newmercies #needinggrace

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