WALK HUMBLY WITH GOD (Part 3 of Micah 6:8)

These four words tie the whole verse together when we look at what God wants from us, His kids.

When we walk with someone, we do so alongside them, showing we are in relationship with them.

WALK is an action word, implying movement and direction. When we walk with God, He will guide us as to our best next steps from right beside us.

The word HUMBLE in Hebrew literally means ‘destroy the wall.’ Which Jesus did when He died on the cross, tearing the veil between the Holy of Holiest and the rest of the temple. God made the way for us to walk directly with Him, for our benefit! And as we are now His temple, made holy through His blood, we can walk, as Adam & Eve did so long ago, with God 24/7, every day, always.

That thought? Humbles me, and invites me to welcome God within more fully.

The Message translation of these four words captures the perfect attitude of walking humbly:

“And don’t take yourself too seriously – take God seriously.”

Walking humbly, the attitude of humility, also means leaving our desires in His hands, and following His ways – so that we can walk in harmony with Him.

WITH GOD. Don’t those two words cause a tingle or a thrill to run through you as you read them? We are His, and forevermore we are with God, both now and in heaven!

Brooke Nicholls recently wrote that ‘you are who you walk with,’ which is no truer than when you walk with God. Being in His Presence changes us to become more like the One we are beholding, and being held by, as we walk alongside Him.


When we walk humbly with God, He helps us to offer justice, mercy and kindness to those we encounter, as we become more like Him along the journey. And knowing that this is what He hopes for and desires for each of us helps me not put pressure on myself to live up to this requirement, as I am reassured that I can do all things with His help as I walk with Him on a moment by moment & daily basis.


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