Take heart

I was a newbie bible college student when I learned the meaning of ‘heart’ in my Proverbs class, and it blew my mind. In fact, it is one of the facts I have never forgotten.

Learning what a word means at its root can change how its use impacts the reader, which is why I love to do a bit of digging when I study the Word.

In Hebrew, the word ‘heart’ is לֵב , or Lev.  Its definition covers literally the heart of who we are:

“heart, mind, conscience, center, centre, middle.”

The heart is the core of who we are within. Mind, emotions, will.

So when you read over yesterday’s verse, “Keep vigilant watch over your HEART; that’s where life starts.” (Proverbs 4:23 MSG) while keeping in mind that heart means all of us within,it changes its impact.

Today’s verse emphasizes this meaning even more….

“Let your heart take courage….”

When we harness our thoughts and filter our emotions through the Word and prayer, we are able to focus on what God wants for us – life in the moment. Even if we are scared, He will help us move forward. When we get caught up in negative thoughts and feelings, we become stuck in particular moments – and halt our forward movement. Essentially, life pauses until we get unstuck with His help.

Tomorrow, I share a bit more insight on the heart. Hope you’ll stop by and connect then!

#heartofthematter #sharingHope

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