Mighty to Save

When I am feeling weak and overwhelmed, the five words in the second promise from Zephaniah 3:17 reassures me that the One I am clinging to is more than able to come to my rescue.

“He is mighty to save.. “

Note the verb IS. Not might be. Not should be. But IS. Actively on the move doing what follows next in this verse.

MIGHTY. Greatly & impressively strong enough to do what is needed, which follows this powerful word.

TO SAVE. Echoes of Jesus comfort my soul as I take in these two words again. God’s promise is to save us, the ones He loves.

And with these two words closing off this brief verse, He calms my emotions as He speaks reassurance again.

God, HE is mighty to save.

He IS mighty to save.

He is MIGHTY to save.

He is mighty TO SAVE.

So take that, fear and stress. God is on the move, and He is more than capable of doing what needs to be done to rescue me.

So I will trust and rest in this promise again. Even if I can’t yet see it, I will expectantly choose believe it!


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