Quieting Love

The other night, I was startled awake around 3am with my heart racing and that feeling of panic like you suddenly stepped out of a scary dream.
Maybe you can relate.

And a second later, Zephaniah 3:17 went through my mind, and this 4th promise lovingly coated me with the peace it holds.

“He quiets you with His love.”

God continues to calm the raging seas and storms not only about us but within us, friend.

And with that promise filled thought the other night, God snapped His finger and released a quiet calm within me and filled me with love instead of fear. A quiet that I could not have manufactured on its own between my bad dream, creaking house & snoring hubby at 3 in the morning. A quiet that literally put me back into a solid sleep with the name Jesus on my tongue.

His love is not only an emotion but a choice, friend. He chooses to bless us with it, not only as its recipient but its focus!

May that truth release a quiet within each of us that reassures is we are loved no matter what, in every circumstance and season, forevermore.


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