Blessing – Psalm 23

There have been two occasions when the enemy targeted us about our circumstances when my husband and I weren’t sure where our next pay cheque or meals were going to come from. Literally both times, all I could do was pray and ask God to move.

And through His Body, He overflowed blessing upon us. There is no better word to use to describe what happened!

☝️The first was when my husband was let go as a nurse due to downsizing at the hospital where he worked, and we were about to have our son. One of the families praying for us felt led to connect their son with my husband, and he ended up getting full time work in an unrelated field, starting just after our son was born.  Literally the week we would need a pay cheque, God provided!

✌️The second was when our kids both had chicken pox, and we were going to be home alone for Christmas. We had just moved to a new church home, and felt very isolated due to the circumstances. And once again, money was tight after an unexpected bill.

God put it on the hearts of the two couples who joined our small group on our last night there to bless us with a full Christmas dinner. Turkey, sides and all. Plus some extra groceries.

🙌Both times, God spoke to people, just like you and I, and blessed us with provision in spite of what the enemy was hoping would be used against us to shake our faith and cause us to lose trust in God.

There have been many other ways where God has blessed us with a timely encouraging word, an unexpected gift or provision over the years. But these two continue to stand out to me as major signs of His blessing upon our family during hard seasons.

Share your stories of blessing, big or small, to help remind those that God is a God who blesses His children. A good good Father who is not intimidated by the enemy’s plans, and is more than able to bless us with more than enough!

“You serve me a six-course dinner right in front of my enemies. You revive my drooping head; my cup brims with blessing.”

Psalm 23:5 MSG


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