Sharing my current story

This week, I am going to take a step forward in a different way with my writing.

I shared a few weeks ago that I am currently in a period of mild depression. And I know that in the midst of this season of Covid-19, many others are also dealing with depression and anxiety.

I have put together a list of things which have been of great help to me, which I will be sharing this week.

But what I have learned the most is that each of us is unique. God has handcrafted each of us, and so some of what helps me may not be of benefit to you as you deal with your wellness.

The point is to open a dialogue where we can share and bless one another. Without judgement. Without name calling. Knowing you and I are not alone. That someone else cares enough to chat about things which could help, or at least get you thinking in ways which can be of help.

The first step I needed to make towards wellness was to admit I wasn’t feeling quite myself. So I began to take stock as I took a closer look at myself, and brought that to God for His insight and direction. This was not an over night happening, but over a period of a few weeks.

I will start by saying this. I do not have suicidal thoughts, nor have I ever encountered those directly. Should that have happened, I would have gone (as I recommend to others to immediately go) for medical assistance. We each are more valuable that we realize, especially as we learn to see ourselves through His eyes.

Although this is more than a bit uncomfortable for me to share, I believe God is prompting me to share this aspect of my story to give not only hope to others but give Him the glory.


4 thoughts on “Sharing my current story”

  1. I’m thankful you’re sharing your life so transparently. I too am battling both grief and depression. And as well survivors guilt. No thoughts of suicide but it’s difficult to do daily things. Look forward to your next posts.

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  2. Thank you for sharing with us Karla, I too am dealing with depression and lots of anxiety. I am glad you are feeling a bit better and connecting to our friends does help a great deal.
    God Bless you today and always.

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