My four key W’s to keeping spiritually healthy

There are four key W things I do daily to help myself stay as healthy as possible.

🌿WORSHIP – Whether in my car loudly driving around town, with my headphones on, in the shower, on the worship team or singing along with a cd or church service at home, worship helps keep me grounded in who God is, and just how mighty, powerful and awesome He is.

Current fave to sing at the top of my lungs any time? “Don’t Ever Let Me Go” by Corey Voss

🌿WORD – in order to best deal with whatever may come my way each day, I need the solid foundation and fuel I find in the Word. It feeds my very soul and spirit, and helps me keep focused on God and not my faults, flaws or fears as it strengthens my faith.

“Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.”
(Isaiah 41:10)

🌿WALK WITH HIM (aka prayer) – As I go throughout my day, I try to bring all things to God, especially if I am hurt, angry, scared, anxious or feeling blue. Knowing He walks beside me, God with us, always helps lower my stress levels when I connect with Him, and hear Holy Spirit whisper truth, direction and encouragement.

🌿WATER – the previous three combine with His water to remind me that God is my source. That just like water to my physical body, I need His Presence like water for my soul. To refresh, cleanse, and move within me as God energizes my parched, broken, and weary places. Without His living water, I can become drained of energy and purpose if I am not careful.

💦And I make sure to drink enough physical water (2-3 litres a day) to help keep my physical body going as well, to help prevent dehydration and exhaustion.

Which of these four resonates with you? Do you too have room for improvement in one of them? Ask God where He would like you to up your focus with His help.


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