4 ways to physically support yourself

This quote above grabbed me a few months ago, and God used it to gently nudge me into these 4 healthier ways of taking care of myself PHYSICALLY.

A good chunk of mental health is related to our physical bodies, and as a result, I needed to take stock on & address to help best support myself.

🌿EAT WELL – I have really upped my standard for eating of late. I am eating 95% whole foods, not overeating and snacking smarter. Eating more veggies and leaner proteins helps me stay focused & have less cravings. If I do eat a salty snack (my fave go to) it’s lightly salted homemade air-popped 🍿 with a drizzle of EVOO. One square of dark 🍫 is now my go to sweets fave. 1-2 excellent  coffees a day and an iced green tea later in the day help my mood as well!

🌿7-8 HOURS OF SLEEP – This has been a priority of mine for many years now, but especially right now. This is a must for me to be as rested as possible. In fact, I sometimes laze in bed for an hour after my alarm on the days I work from home so I can help keep that relaxed vibe going a little longer!

🌿GET MOVING – I am very thankful that one of my jobs is walking distance from home, so I can get extra steps in. And that the printer at my other onsite job is across the room. I do better when I don’t sit still for too long at a time, but also when I don’t do anything too boppy due to waiting for surgery. Its amazing how fresh air and a stroll can help clear my thoughts and be reminded through the greenery, flowers & bird song that God is busy at work all round me!

🌿LAUGH AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Not at others but at a funny sitcom, fave romcom book or sharing a joke with my family, friends and coworkers. This naturally helps lighten my mood. (And that also means that I say no to watching serious dramas or daily news reports right now, as they are not needed nor helpful on my bluer days.)

Which of these is an area you’d like to boost on your life right now?

PS. I didn’t get all these healthy foundations going at the same time, but a month at a time.


2 thoughts on “4 ways to physically support yourself”

  1. This was so well timed and the areas I definitely need to improve upon. Depression & grief actually interfere with these healthy processes; as sleep escapes me, one tends to not be hungry at all & getting moving is like a mountainous climb unattainable. Grateful to have praying friends rooting for each other. I’m sincerely praying we all gain an habitual daily-working success in these areas. Thank you Karla!

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    1. Thanks Rynata. As I mentioned today, these helps took me almost a year to put into place and 6 months to become my new ‘norm’. Praying for you xo


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