4 ways I support myself mentally each day

There are 4 ways that I support myself EMOTIONALLY on a daily basis.

­čî┐JOURNAL – My blogging and working through things on paper helps me process my feelings, hold them alongside of the Word & deal with them accordingly. This is a must for me, especially when I am feeling a bit blue.

­čî┐VITAMINS – I get my vitamins checked annually as a part of my physical, and sometimes a second time a year depending on what is needing to be addressed. As I am wheat, citrus and dairy allergic, I take 5000 mcg Vitamin B12 & 2000 mcg Vitamin D sublingual (Sisu brand) daily. I also take a packet of Pineapple Coconut Ener-C (Vitamin C) three times a week, or daily on the hotter days & cold season. These levels were confirmed with my doctor, and work well for my body, which in turn helps keep my emotions on a more level keel.

­čî┐MAGNESIUM GLYCINATE – I have known for years that my muscles & attachments are tighter than they should be, and after some investigating with two physios & my doctor, we checked my magnesium level. My regular one is okay, but because of my muscle tightness, we decided to try this type of magnesium, which addresses muscle wellness. My muscles have been responding so well to it that I am a few months ahead in recovering from frozen shoulder! Which does wonders for my emotions!

­čî┐MEDICATION – for me right now, I am on a low dose of a medication that is helping me see the world in color, and not just through a slightly blue filter. We tried to taper me off of it after a few months, but because I am also well over a year waiting for major surgery with no surgery date in sight, I am staying on this med to keep my body feeling calmer and my emotions in check. I check in with my doctor every month to let her know how I am doing. She has been an amazing support to me in every area, and I am blessed that she is a Christian, and prays for her clients for clarity, direction and complete recovery.

What do you do on a daily basis to support yourself emotionally?


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