4 key ways I support myself mentally

Today I wrap up my series on self-care with my 4 key ways to take care of myself MENTALLY.
Honestly, these were both the hardest and sometimes most freeing ways some days, and I am so thankful to @gatherwomen @lysaterkeurst @havilahcunnington & @dannylovingonpurpose for teaching me & Holy Spirit for nudging me to learn and implement these tools to support myself.

­čî┐HONESTY – I now own how I am feeling, good & not so good, and filter them through the Word to discover whether they align with His thoughts, are my own thoughts or are enemy barbs. Then I deal with them accordingly. If I am asked how I am doing, I am situationally appropriate. I can say “It’s not my best day” without going into all the details. This has lead to my not eating my feelings on the worst days, and being more comfortable within myself. Not feeling obligated to put on masks in quite honestly refreshing after years of stifling stuff down within.

­čî┐BOUNDARIES – Knowing what I am to do and what I am not to do after many conversations with my Father & following Holy Spirit’s nudging. I used to think boundaries were about what I would lack, but now experience the gain that they release in my life. Not only do I now enforce my boundaries, but by figuring them out, this has freed me to…

­čî┐SAY NO – If it is not the best fit or timing for me, or won’t work for me because of previous obligations, I now say no. Without hesitation or need to give an explanation. I now know that I can do anything with His strengthening & equipping, but that doesn’t mean I am to do all things. If God prompts me with a pause, I say no in the moment, and then ask Him for clarification later on when it’s just the two of us. Saying yes to some things means saying no to others without shame, which is one of the best lessons God has walked out beside me as I have learned it.

­čî┐CONNECTING WITH MY SUPPORT CIRCLE. – Mine may look different than yours, and that’s okay. I have my husband and kids, my parents, my closest friends, my pastors, a few coworkers and my doctor in my support circle. If I sense I am withdrawing from people due to a return, no matter how┬á slight, I make sure to connect!

How about you?


PS. And this is me, four years ago, in a photo I keep to remind myself that my mental heath is worth every ounce of the effort I put into it. For not only does it bless and help me to do so, but it helps and encourages those around me to do the same, or reach out if they too are having a hard time.

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