Looking ahead

God, when the road ahead looks like it is long and filled with unexpected twists & turns, I choose to look to You.

For I know that You have worked miracles for me in the past, and instead of allowing fear to rise up within me as I face the unknown ahead, I choose to live by faith.

For You promise that ALL things will work out for my good. Not some, not the few chosen special ones, but all things.

WILL. Because You will it to be so.

WORK OUT. You are always working behind the scenes in our lives, protecting & guiding those who turn to You for direction and provision. And this Word reminds me that You will never stop doing so.

FOR MY GOOD. That is the motivation behind what You do for Your children. Even when I can’t see it or feel it, I choose to believe it. That the plans You have for me are for my good, as You bless and keep me every day along the way.


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