🐝KIND. “Kind” by definition refers to character & nature, and is one of the most noticeable of the BE List.

For being kind is evident in not only words, but in our actions. Kindness cannot be expressed without it already dwelling in the heart showing it.

And being kind is often most noticeable when a person of greater strength, wealth or position shows kindness towards someone weaker, often with lack and in great need.

No one shows being kind more to me than Jesus.

When He walked amongst us, He treated all – including the young, the sick, the women, the outsiders, very much not the norm in His day – with kindness. Even in how He spoke in anger, it was always because He was offended by religion and longing for a return to relationship. He didn’t want going to the temple to be about rules and regulations, but about genuine connection and faith.

Jesus always got to the heart of the matter through being kind, and the second characteristic which is closely tied to it – which is tomorrow topic to take a closer look at!

If you and I want to be seen as different wherever we go, a kind heart will go far to speaking without words!

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4 thoughts on “BE KIND”

  1. I tried to out this in the “ comments “ section but, it didn’t work so feel free to move it Karla!

    I went to Starbucks in Cwood yesterday, as I had time before I was meeting a friend for lunch. Right behind the Starbucks is now a new paint store. I parked in their lot, then, noticed a lady cleaning the store windows. The small voice said” Ask her if she would like a coffee.” So, I did! She was so touched that I would even think of asking her! In the Starbucks, I was served by a young lady who had a lovely accent… guess which one? South African. So, of course, I had to complement her on it! My prayer is that these small acts of kindness will become a part of who I am! Love u, Mom

    Numbers 6: 24-26


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  2. Every morning, I ask God to make me his example of love grace snd “kindness”. I instictively want to be but there are times when I am being attacked by someone that it is the hardest! Those ste the times I pray for God’s heart to overwhelm me with kindness for that person . Thank you Karla

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    1. I know your heart is to be kind like His. Praying we all can be a better vessel for His kindness towards others, even in the relationship storms!


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