🐝COMPASSIONATE. By definition, “compassion” means ‘sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.’ (Oxford Language).

The Message expresses this characteristic as ‘sensitive,’ which to me adds what the previous definition misses but of which Jesus was a prime example.

Jesus listened to the Father & Holy Spirit for their guidance when He needed more information about what He was seeing in the natural. He was sensitive to engaging in every level with those He encountered, even the supernatural.

Jesus often did things which appeared quite surprising (sitting with a women by a well, putting a paste of saliva & mud on a blond man’s eyes, prophesying truth) in the moment, but with time and the unfolding of events proved to be most effective.

Feeding 1000s of people on a small offering of food met not only the physical needs of a crowd, but would have grown their faith level as they first hand witnessed a miracle.

When Jesus cried at the news of Lazarus’ death, He was showing His compassion for that both Lazarus & his family would be going through until He arrived in the Father’s timing.

He healed everyone who was brought to Him. On the cross, He freed everyone ever who believes in Him, and welcomes them into His Kingdom.

Everyone. Even those we do not like, get along with, or those who have done terribly things are of value to Him, as their Maker. Whether they acknowledge Him, or not.

Because of His great compassion!

Being compassionate and sensitive to God’s leading strategically puts our kindness into action for His purposes, which can have eternal consequences.

May we Be-come more like Jesus as we tune into God’s frequencies and implement His plans in His ways as directed to do so.

And never forget that compassion is COMing along side another person and ministering to them as I PASS ON His PASSION for them through strategic kindness in action.

#BElist #sharingHope

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