­čÉŁFORGIVING. To forgive is to stop feeling anger or resentful towards someone for their offense or mistake, as well as to cancel a debt they owe you.

Forgiving does not mean that your feelings weren’t justified, or that you are just letting them off without consequence. It means that you are letting go of your negative feelings towards them.

And if you were Jesus, forgiveness also meant cancelling the built up debt owed by the multitude of sins and offenses towards God.

When we take a closer look at this week’s verses again, Ephesians 4:32, we see that in order to be forgiving, we need to do so:

­čÄ»QUICKLY. Don’t let things fester between you and others. By forgiving quickly, you actually save yourself sitting too long in the anger or resentment you might otherwise stew in, and also close up the possibility for the enemy to stir things up even more.

­čÄ»COMPLETELY (or thoroughly) By fully releasing your feelings and the situation into God’s hands, you can rest assured that God, who is the source of justice, will hold the person who hurt you accountable for their actions towards you. Nobody gets away with anything in the next world. By forgiving, you increase your trust and faith in God.

I have a hard time reading through the week leading up to the Cross, because I can see myself in the attitude of the snooty religious leaders, the mockers and those who quickly judged Him without knowing all the facts. Even those who walked with Him scattered and denied Him when the going got tough.


Just as He healed everyone brought to Him, He bought up their collective debt on the cross, forgave it, and set us all free.

As someone who has had some atrocious things done to and spoken over them, being forgiving was the hardest part of becoming a follower of Jesus.

Until I realized just how freeing it was to let go of my hurts and harmful feelings, and replace them with the peace He gives me in exchange.

To be forgiving is to set yourself free, by leaving the offense with the offender, and the outcome in God’s hands.

#BElist #sharingHope

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