Canada Day 2021

Graphic by : @earthfurever

Happy 🇨🇦 day.

A day to celebrate the freedom & blessings of being a Canadian.

A day to recall all those who have died for that freedom in the world wars.

A day to mourn alongside the aboriginal peoples who were not only displaced & made to feel less than because of their culture & race, but treated so harshly that families were torn apart, and many children stolen never to be seen again. Some adopted out as infants, and may be unaware of their background. Others damaged in unspeakable ways by both bent religious & government schools – some left scarred, some now being discovered in formerly hidden graves around Canada.

So today, while I recall the blessing of being Canadian, I equally grieve with those who are overdue justice, compassion and our support as we walk alongside them through their grief.

(No negative comments will be allowed on today’s post. My feed, my thoughts. That’s how I roll on social, so please respect that request.)

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