Be Grateful – Luke 7:11-17

📖In Luke 7: 11-15, Jesus, His disciples & a large crowd were entering Nain as a widow’s only dead son was being carried out of the town. When Jesus saw her, vs 13 tells us that His heart went out to her. Out of compassion, He raised her son back to life, and returned him to his mother. In front of not only the crowd who had been following Him, but the crowd who was with this burial service.

📖Verses 16 & 17 gripped me in the Message version when I read it yesterday, and reminded me of just one reason why being grateful is important.

“They (the crowd) all realized they were in a place of Holy mystery, that God was at work among them. They were quietly worshipful – and then noisily GRATEFUL, calling out among themselves, “God is back, looking to the needs of His people!” (Vs 16)

But this is why being grateful matters. ⬇️

“The news of Jesus spread through the country.” (Vs 17)

📖When we express our gratitude,  God gets the glory as we share our Good News. That God is with us, for us, at work amongst us.

📖And this was just one of the four verses which leapt out at me from the Word while looking for gratitude (the act of being grateful) and reasons why it matters.

🙌What is one thing you are grateful that God is at work doing in your life right now?


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