Be Grateful: Matthew 8:1-4

In Matthew 8:1-4, we read that Jesus was coming down from the mountain where He shared His Be Attitudes (coming soon!) “with the cheers of the crowd still ringing in His ears.”

He was likely exhausted and in need of a breather from ministry. (I can so relate some days.)

Then a leper appears, who kneels before God (likely painful for him to do) and asks God to His face if He wants to, You can heal my body.

We read in verse 3 that Jesus reached out (no hesitation or revulsion because of the leprosy) and touched him (something which would not have happened since the first sign of leprosy, and as we know, is so needed to feel valued) saying in response, “I want to. Be clean.”

Immediately, the leprosy was gone! Jesus cautioned this healed man not to “talk about this all over town. Just quietly present your healed body for the priest, along with the appropriate expressions of thanks to God.”

But it’s in the last sentence of verse 4 that Jesus puts being grateful into perspective for us all.

“Your cleansed and GRATEFUL life, not your words, will bear witness to what I have done.”

Our very life, not just our words, will show others that we are grateful for what Jesus has and is doing in our lives!

Today, offer God thanks for what He has done for you lately. Ask Him to write your gratitude over your life, that others will see it on display and be drawn to it.

#sharingHope #BElist

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