Yes & Amen (Faithful You Are) 🎶

🎶”Father of kindness, You have poured out of grace. You brought me out of darkness, You have filled me with peace. Giver of mercy, You’re my help in time of need. Lord, I can’t help but sing…

(Chorus) Faithful You are. Faithful forever You will be. Faithful You are. All your promises are yes & amen. All your promises are yes & amen!

Beautiful Saviour, You have brought me near. You pulled me from the ashes, You have broken every curse. Blessed redeemer, You have set this captive free. Lord I can’t help but sing.. .

Repeat chorus

I will rest in Your promises, my confidence is Your faithfulness. (x4)

Repeat chorus

All Your promises are yes & amen!” 🎶

Songwriters: Tony Brown / Chris McClarney / Nate Moore

#sharingHope #wednesdayworship

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