Baker’s Dozen of Bravery

As I was struggling to come up with the right photo to post for today, one of our pastors texted me this one! And as it is evidence of me being brave, decided it was fitting to use it for today. 👍

There are a baker’s dozen of verses which I find helpful when I am needing a brave booster shot. (Brave is also used interchangeably with courage, so the verses reflect that word usage.)


📖Deuteronomy 31:6
📖Joshua 1:9
📖2 Chronicles 15:7
📖Daniel 10:19
📖2 Samuel 10:12
📖Isaiah 41:10
📖Psalm. 27:14
📖Psalm 31:24
📖Matthew 14:27
📖Philippians 4:13
📖Ephesians 6:10
📖1 Corinthians 16:13
📖2 Timothy 1:7

(And as an added bonus, all of Psalm 91- so good!)

What verses help boost your courage or cause your bravery to rise up within you?

(PS. And yes, I could have made it easy for you & posted each full verse, but I think a bravery treasure hunt is well worth the 10-15 min it would take for you to look em up!)

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