Being Brave Prayer

Photo from Unsplash, Ollie filter by Pixel

🙏”God, I am unsure of my next step. The way forward is misty enough that fear is taking hold of my heart, as indecision fills my mind. Oh how I need You! Would You reassure my heart that You are more than enough of every single thing I need to step forward? Would You remind me how You love me, You are for me, You are with me, and Your willingness to battle for me? Would You cause my faith and trust to rise up, so I can be brave even if I don’t feel it yet? Would Your strength run through these veins, as Your Spirit boosts my confidence to do what You are calling me to? Would You rest here with me a moment, as You soothe my soul while I wait in Your Presence? Hold my hand as I jump off this shore into the newness You have for me, knowing that my bravery comes from Your ability to meet my every need, and my part is to be obedient to walk with you, step by step, as You make the way for me. You are the bravest, most courageous person I know, Jesus, for heading to the cross, and even though You knew the pain You would endure, You knew Your obedience would open wide the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth, and push back the enemy. I am so grateful that You walk this journey alongside me, my constant companion. Let Your bravery & strength saturate me whenever my weakness rears its obviousness, as I keep my eyes fixed on You.” 🙏


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