5 Songs to play when you sense the need to HALT

Often when I sense the need to HALT, I am not always aware of what is stirring under the surface within me.

I find that in those moments, pressing into His Presence in worship helps highlight my emotions, and reassures me I can bring whatever I am feeling – any Hurt, Anger, Loneliness or Tiredness – to God for His healing, direction, and equally important, loving up on me with grace, mercy, love & kindness.

Here are 5 worship songs I tend to go to when I sense a HALT within.

Come & Be – Matt Brouwer

Worn – Tenth Avenue North

Come to the Altar – Elevation Worship

Jireh – Maverick City Music

My Father’s House – Cory Asbury

What song is a go to for you when you are having a rough day within?


PS. Breakthrough by Red Rocks Worship is another go -to I love to lift up in worship. (This 6th one is shared for you, my blog followers, only!)

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