HALT continues…

There is another type of HALT which came to mind after brutally long days for both my husband and I at work yesterday. So many opportunities popped up for us each to lose our temper, be unkind and/or wield our words as weapons. Because we all know that words can be full of wisdom, or harm, depending on how we speak them.

My husband and I both made it through with His help, because we HALTED our natural reactions and asked for supernatural help to respond as Jesus would.

When we HALT to ask for His help, He steps into the moment and offers clarity for the right response for each situation & person.

Something I have been learning about myself is I am kinder when I HALT, pause to invite His presence, and then proceed forward with Him.

I can honestly say that I would have done some significant damage to several relationships on a day like yesterday if I had not learned to listen for His HALT, and wait to speak again when I get His help.

What has learning to HALT been teaching you of late?


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