🎵Awake My Soul

🎶”There is a sound I love to hear. It’s the sound of the Saviour’s robe as He walks into the room where people pray/worship. Where we hear praises, He hears faith.

(Chorus) Awake my soul and sing. Sing His praise a – loud, sing His praise aloud. X2

There is a sound that changes things, the sound of His people on their knees. Oh wake up, you slumbering – it’s time to worship Him!

Repeat Chorus

And when He moves, and when we pray – where stood a wall now stands a way, where every promise is amen! And when He moves, make no mistake – the bowels of hell begin to shake. All hail the Lord, all hail the King!!!

Hey! Oh! Oh, let the King of
Glory enter in.
Hey! Oh! Fall down on your knees and worship Him.
Hey! Oh! Let His praise rise up, don’t hold it in….” 🎶

Watch the official (& lovely!) Hillsong Worship lyric video here:


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