Staying hydrated

📷 by Becoming Unbusy

I am not one for often taking time off from work. Recently, God has been talking to me through His Word, situations, & pics like this one which catch my eye, reminding me I need to take deeper care of myself.

An empty vessel cannot fill another one.

Take coffee, for instance. As a barista, it never failed to leave me shaking my head when the water shut off in the store, and people were unable to get why we couldn’t make coffee.

If you don’t have water, you can’t make coffee – coz you need both the ground beans and the hot water!

Our body may be running to the point of exhaustion because we, like the beans, are not getting the water we need to properly steep in His Presence and soak in His Word.

Our inner well runs dry without regularly seeking the Water of life.

God has been reminding me that I can ‘water’ myself throughout the course of my day, as well as ‘dating’ Him regularly.

I am much more able to meet the needs of others when I have been making sure my deeper needs are being nurtured.

That isn’t being selfish, that is being wise. For I want to be a blessing to those around me, not a drain.

Yesterday, I ended up driving my daughter around for appointments. Knowing that lots of driving is hard on my back, we sang away to worship CDs, stayed hydrated, fit in a good walk, and drove the back ways whenever we could to enjoy the 🌲🌳🌄. I started my day with Psalm 36, and invited God to give me the insight to know how to best help those about me.

Despite being physically drained, I felt spiritually charged. 😁

Taking a day off to help care for my loved ones is always worth it, but always goes better when I stay spiritually hydrated!

What do you do to help keep your inner well from running dry?


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